"COME OUT WEST WITH CANON EXPLORER OF LIGHT - DARRELL GULIN" Keynote Wednesday, Sep 16th during the Welcome/Meet & Greet starting at 8:30PM CST. 

Rock and Roll All Night, Photograph Every Day: Tuesday, Sep 15 7:00PM CST. Wildly changing lighting situations, non-stop action and high-contrast situations can make things challenging, but also provide some incredibly fun photos. Learn from a 40-year veteran of the concert stage. What lenses to use, how to judge exposure, how to keep yourself safe and your favorite bands happy, maybe even how to gain access will be covered. Instructor: Chad Coppess.

Let's Talk Event Photography: Saturday, Sep 19 11:30AM CST. Capturing the spirit and flavor of an event can be fun. We will take a look at how to photograph a local carnival, a big rodeo, or the world's most infamous motorcycle rally. What to look for, how to make unique images of familiar subjects, and what kind of equipment to bring will be included. Chad has 40 years of experience photographing the Indy 500, fireworks at Mount Rushmore and countless festivals and parades across South Dakota. He will let you in on secrets of how to capture your favorite event. Instructor: Chad Coppess. 

Shooting & Post Processing For Food & Other Product Photography: Tuesday, Sep 22 7:00PM CST. Mike Wolforth is a seasoned professional. He regularly has businesses seeking him out to create food and product photography for their businesses. Join Mike as he shows you how he does these shoots using a 24x24 Mount Dog L.E.D.Light Box and computerized turntable. He will then show you his post processing process in Adobe Photoshop, and 360 Creator Software.

Shooting & Post Processing For Lightning & Fireworks Photography: Update: Wednesday, Sep 23 8:30PM CST. Over the years, Mike has created amazing Lightning and Fireworks images! Tune in to this session as Mike shares how he gets these great images using the Miops Smart Trigger. Mike will then walk you through is post processing work flow in Adobe Photoshop.

Macro At Home And Your Backyard: Saturday, Sep 19 12:45PM CST. How to use lenses you already own to capture macro images using inexpensive extension tubes or reverse rings.  Also demonstrate a technique to use a speed light to help eliminate or reduce motion blur of the subject or camera blur.  Also, everyone can download my free eBook on macro photography! Instructor: Jim Caldwell.

The Essence of Light Painting:  Saturday, Sep 19 3:30PM CST. Demonstrate technique, flashlights needed and home made equipment for doing light painting at home. I will also give everyone who attends the option to download my eBook on light painting. Instructor: Jim Caldwell.

HDR Post Processing: Sunday, Sep 20 1:45PM CSTGetting the Most Out of Your Brackets: Hosted by Fred Rodgers. So you've taken some bracketed captures with the hopes of turning them into a finished HRD photo. Your host will take you through some of the post production processing methods you can use to achieve results from photorealistic to surrealistic. Instructor: Fred Rodgers. 

Creative Macro Photography: Tuesday, Sep 22 5:30PM CST. Take time to stop and enjoy the little things in life. From the curl of a flower petal to the beads of pollen clinging to a bumblebee, macro photography allows us to focus on the small details around us.  We will be discussing framing, lighting, and tips and tricks to help you in your macro photography journey. Instructor: Kendra Perry Koski.

Capturing Back Yard Birds: Saturday, Sep 19 10:15AM CST. Set up a bird feeder using natural tree branches and use remote triggering to capture closeup images of backyard birds while sitting comfortably in your living room.  My bird feeder consists of inexpensive PVC tubing which is also squirrel proof!  Inexpensive radio triggers for the camera can be purchases for well under $50. Instructor: Jim Caldwell. 

Speedlites 101: Tuesday, Sep 15  8:30PM CST. Learn to make the most of your electronic flash with instruction on types of flashes, automatic and manual modes, light modifiers and more.  I’ll show you several different types of portable flashes (speedlites) and talk about how to use them both on and off the camera to achieve professional looking results.  Use of reflectors, umbrellas, gels and baby soft boxes will be covered as well as remote use with optical and radio triggers. We'll do an image deconstruct if there is time. Instructor: Richard Carlson.

Virtual Gardens Plant Photography: Friday, Sep 18 7:00PM CST. You will be whisked away to a lush botanical garden where your host will demonstrate different methods that will help you get that memorable capture of beautiful plants and flowers. Who knows? We might even see a photo-worthy bee or butterfly! Instructor: Fred Rodgers.

Black and White Post Processing: Saturday, Sep 19 2:15PM CST. When Color Just Won't Do:  Hosted by - Fred Rodgers. Using Lightroom, Photoshop and plug-in/stand-alone software, your host will discuss and demonstrate ways to get the most out of post production for black & white images. We will also discuss the types of captures that could lens themselves to black & white processing. Instructor: Fred Rodgers.

Cropping for Composition:
Wednesday, Sep 16 5:30PM CST. Have you ever thought that the simple act of cropping an image can drastically improve the aesthetic?  Cropping is potentially the most effective way to change the context, story, and enhance the subject of an image — without any other editing.  Lightroom, and other editing tools, provide multiple ways to help you crop your way to better composition.  In this course we will look at compositional guidelines, examples of their usage, and how we can leverage these tools for better results. Instructor: Tomas Alvarez. 

Lightroom Develop Module: Deep Dive:
Friday, Sep 18 5​​​​​​​:30PM CST. Are you getting the most out of your editing? This course will cover some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of each photograph you create. During our time, we'll investigate the limits of dynamic range, split-toning, cropping overlays, using the tone-curve, and saving our favorite settings as our own presets. At the end of this course, you'll know how to work faster and smarter using Lightroom. Instructor: Tomas Alvarez.

Photo Organization, Management, and Backup:
Thursday, Sep 17 7:00PM CST. Tame your workflow and minimize the risk of lost images!  This course will illustrate the process of managing your photos from capture session, to selecting the best images to edit, to backing-up your photos both on and off-site.  We will also cover different options for automating your backup processes.  If you want to take complete control of your photo data management, this is your course. Instructor: Tomas Alvarez.

Long-Exposure Photography, Tools, Techniques and Vision:
Monday, Sep 21 7:00PM CST. Light trails, wispy water, and ethereal landscapes are fully achievable with long-exposure photography. In this course, we'll talk about slowing the shutter for dramatic photographs.  We'll cover camera settings, focus, and tools to help you achieve, literally, moving results.   We'll also review some budget-friendly tool options so as not to break the bank. Instructor: Tomas Alvarez.

Participating in Art Crawls, and Fairs:
Wednesday, Sep 23 7:00PM CST. Have you ever wanted to participate in an art crawl, sell your photos at an art fair, or make other products with your photography?  If so, this is your course!  We will cover sourcing materials, i.e. prints, blank greeting cards, mats, and other materials to create professional products.  We'll also look at how to prepare for, find, and apply for art fairs.  If you're looking to get more out of your photographs then just posting them online, this is the place to be. Instructor Tomas Alvarez.

Introduction to Studio Portraiture:
Sunday, Sep 20 12:30PM CST. If you enjoy photographing people or even dream of owning a portrait photography business, this seminar will certainly spur your imagination. Instructor Charlie Borland will show you how to create beautiful portraits from headshots to full length, groups, families, and more. You will gain a quick understanding of the tools you need to create fine portraits either in the studio or in your own home-based business. We will cover topics like:
Learn how to ‘see’ good portrait lighting; Understand the role that multiple lights play in great portraits; Understand lighting ratios How to best show your subjects with the right light; How to balance lighting contrast in a complimentary manner; How to add accent lights; How to balance your subject with the background; "How-to" simple photo retouching (everybody needs some). Whether you are new to portrait photography, or you have already experienced the frustration of not really knowing how to photograph people, then this seminar will jump start your imagination. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography:
Sunday, Sep 20 4:15PM CST. Do you have a passion for outdoor and nature photography and wish to make money, possibly a living doing it? Passion and lifestyle are the reason nature photographers wish to photograph full time with many having very marketable images. While many have beautiful images, most have no idea how to get them to market, let alone, into a client’s publication. The photography business is competitive and the sooner you learn how to shoot for the market, understand who buys photography, the sooner you can realize that dream. But if you have no experience, where do you start?
The Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography seminar is designed for photographers eager to understand the world of nature, travel, and adventure stock photography. The instructor is Charlie Borland, a widely published photographer and former owner of two stock photo agencies. He will look closely at what makes a good selling photo, who buys stock photography, pricing your photography, and how to get photography assignments. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape and Nature Photography:
Sunday, Sep 20 3:00PM CST. Have you always wanted to create AMAZING landscape photography, but you feel you are not
getting there? I`m here to tell you that with a little inspiration, you can get there! If you`re anything like me when I was starting in photography, you start off with the best of intentions to create beautiful photography, but then after a few photo excursions you return with poor results and bland photography.  
And to make things worse… every day you look at your photos wishing they magically improved and looked the way you envisioned them, they simply don't.  Instead of helping you become a landscape master… the whole effort ends up making you feel like a failure. And trust me when I say I know you`re putting in the effort!  It`s just that pointing a camera at everything you think looks good rarely results in a beautiful photo that makes you proud. The key to beautiful photography is not to take pictures, but instead, build photographs.
In this seminar, we are going to look at the foundations of landscape photography including subject matter, lighting, composition, moments in time and moods in nature. We will follow this by exploring the art of interpretation and pushing the envelope with your photos. Instructor: Charlie Borland.

Beginner's Guide to Macro Photography: Tuesday, Sep 15. 5:30PM CSTWe will discuss different approaches and equipment for macro photography, as well as challenges of exposure, lighting, depth of field, etc. This is focused on in-camera techniques, and does not feature (but does mention) focus stacking and post techniques. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

Introduction to Outdoor Photography: Saturday, Sep 19 4:45PM CST. This is a mid-level discussion of nature and outdoor photography dealing with elements of lighting, exposure, composition and vision. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

Alaska, The Last Frontier: Thursday, Sep 17 5:30PM CST. A photographic adventure showing the beauty and grandness of Alaska and the Yukon Territories. Features scenic shots and some interesting trivia and historical information that may be of interest to those planning an Alaskan Photographyadventure. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

Our National Parks, From A to Z: Wednesday, Sep 23 5:30PM CST. Join me for this educational travelogue - having visited more than 145 National Parks, monuments, seashores, battlefields, etc. Over my 40-year Park Ranger career, I have enjoyed sharing some of the photographic highlights of these travels, and now I want to share my insights on Travel Photography and Landscapes with you. Instructor: Marty DeWitt.

What Trips My Trigger: Thursday, Sep 24 5:30PM CST. Learn about the things that motivate and guide my photography, the elements in a scene that attract me to a specific image, and the pre-visions and contortions I go through to try and be unique, as a way to inspire YOUR photography!   Instructor: Marty  DeWitt.

Night Skies: Wednesday, Sep 16 7:00PM CSTJust because the sun went down, does not mean our cameras need to be shut off.
There is a whole beautiful world out there to photograph at night. Night photography can often come with challenges, but with patience, the understanding of our cameras, and using the proper equipment, we can create stunning images. In this seminar we will focus on learning settings, composition, and tips and tricks to inspire you to photograph those night scenes. Instructor: Erica Robinson.

The Art of Travel Photography and Storytelling: Monday, Sep 21 5:30PM CST. In my mind, travel photography is a broad genre covering so many bases. It’s an
incorporation of landscape, environmental portrait, wildlife, street photography, and storytelling, all rolled into one. And because travel photographers are naturally wandering souls, we strive to document the world around us in its purest form. And, share stories! During this travel and storytelling seminar, we will discuss how to build a photograph with our composition while being sure we know our cameras settings, as well as understanding our location, and how to show stories within our travel photographs. Time to think outside of the box and get creative! Instructor: Erica Robinson.

Marketing Photography With Products and Models: Saturday, Sep 19 9:00AM CST. We will be setting up a photography shoot for two local vendors. Each vendor will provide us handmade and large cooperation products for a high fashion concept shoot. Viewers will learn the tips and tricks how to provide your clients with high quality marketing photographs that will have their customers wanting the product they produce. Instructor: Becca Gage Shelbourne.

Horse & Ranch Lifestyle Photography: Saturday, Sep 19 6:00PM CST. Cheyenne is a fifth generation rancher and lover of horses. She has honed her photography skills over the past 30 years using her knowledge of what she knows to capture vivid images of horses and ranch life. This session will dive into learning your subject better to obtain optimal images. You will gain a better understanding of horses, their habits, movements, and spirit along with how to capture all of this in your photos. Cheyenne will also lead you through ranch life photography to help you grow your knowledge in that area also. Instructor: Cheyenne Glade Wilson.

Western Ranch Landscapes: Thursday, Sep 24 7:00PM CST. Cheyenne is a fifth generation rancher and steward of the land. She has honed her photography skills over the last 30 years using her daily ranch life as her medium. She enjoys showcasing all different types of beautiful landscapes to express the importance of our country's natural resources. Cheyenne will lead you down a trail of understanding of the land and how to get the best images you possibly can. Instructor: Cheyenne Glade Wilson.

Welcome/Meet & Greet: Scheduled for Wednesday, Sep 16  8:30PM CST

Intro To Mirrorless Cameras: 

Tuesday, Sep 22 8:30PM CST. This is an OPEN Session to all Registrants. The mirrorless program is designed to inform and educate people on the pros and cons of Mirrorless cameras as well as clear up misconceptions that are commonly known about them. The program will touch on the following topics: Mirrorless vs DSLR; Lens options; Explanation of the electronic viewfinder; Adaptability of old lenses and different mounts; Entry level and professional level options; In body stabilization, and more! Instructor: Noah Buchanon.

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